Signs of a Sewer Backup

Homeowners don’t realize that the city isn’t responsible for the maintenance and repair of the pipeline. Which is between the sanitary sewer main and their house. The sewer lateral is owned and maintained by the property owner and homeowners. Who will need to deal with any problems that arise from it, including a sewer backup. […]

How Sump Pump Works

An issue that many customers of ours run into is understanding what a sump pump is and how it works. At Woodbine Plumbing, we help customers with plumbing, and often we fix sump pumps for them. Therefore, we know about what sump pumps are.   It is what the name describes. It is a pump […]

Signs of When to Call a Plumber

when to call a plumber

Plumbers may be expensive to hire, but they are a service that is often required and beneficial to you and your home. Most homeowners we meet worry about the price and think they can handle the issue. Hence, it is important to know when it is the right moment to call a plumber. And here […]

Removing Rust Stains!

rust stains

One of the many services we offer is drain cleaning and repair to all of our clients in Woodbine. When we carry out our service, we cannot help but notice the high amounts of rust some homes have. It is no problem for us to clean them up, but it is problem that can be […]

Our Drainage Services


When your drains are beginning to clog, call an expert plumber to properly repair or replace your drains. Some of the services we do with drain problems include: Drainage System – Our competent plumbers remove dirt and debris from drains to ensure good fluid flow New Water Service – Our expert plumbers can upgrade your […]

Basement Flooding – What Are Your Options?

basement flooding

Basement Flooding – What Are Your Options? With Canada’s increase of severe storms, severe floods follow soon after. In 2016, the University of Waterloo assessed each provinces’ ability to handle flooding. The average grade was a C-. Hence, flooding is an increasingly more frequent problem Canadians will have to face. Here at Woodbine Plumbing, we […]

Inspection Tips For New Homes

markham plumbing

For many people, buying a home is perhaps the biggest purchase they will ever make in their lifetime, so it’s crucial to ensure that everything in the home is in proper working order. In order to do that, hiring a professional plumber to inspect the plumbing is the first thing that should be done. Check […]

How To Prevent Summer Plumbing Issues

summer plumbing

You may not think that there’s a season for plumbing problems, but summertime certainly has its share of common home maintenance and plumbing-related issues. For example, tree roots tend to grow the most in early summer, and consequently, if you’re going to experience a problem with sewer lines being clogged and destroyed because of roots, […]

Water Leaks and How to Stop Them

water leaks

You likely know the consequences of pipe leaking, but do you know what causes them most often? What’s more is that are you aware that there is a fair bit that you can do as a homeowner to prevent the damage and inconvenience of plumbing leaks? Corrosion Protection The biggest threat to your pipes is […]